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Do you know a person with a brain injury? Pat did.

All Barb really wanted was to be treated like everyone else. All her family wanted was for her to be safe and well cared for, especially after a life-changing accident that left her brain-injured. Stubborn and determined, Barb carved out a life for herself, overcoming many obstacles. After her husband died, she needed assistance.

Her sister and brother-in-law encouraged her to come live with them. The family thought they were providing a home for a family member, but they had no idea what dealing with brain injury meant. They found out!


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ISBN - 978-1-9378-0198-4

LOC - 2019933058

Pat Stanford’s poetry is a collection of the many topics and events that naturally occur in a person’s life. There is a road traveled that is not necessarily a straight and easy one, which weaves through the seasons of life. Thoughts are shared with you, the reader. A connection to be made? Or perhaps just a reflection of your own life made easier to visualize. Some are raw emotions, and some are written tongue-in-cheek; some are about the turbulence of youth written in a youthful perspective, and some by a more mature person. Some will make an immediate connection, and some may need to be read again. 

The author meditates on love, friendship, nature, and some seriously fun things. 

ISBN - 978-1-9378-0198-4

LOC - Applied For

What do poems written in National Poetry Month during the Pandemic, songs written in the 70s, verses about pets, rhymes from the 30's, and pie recipes have in common? 

Not a thing! They are a Motley bunch of poems that had no home anywhere else, but they live together in this volume of misfits sure to have something for everyone!

Poetry misspelled “pietry” was turned into a fun section on pies, recipes included. Where else can you get a poetry book that is also a cookbook?  The recipes and poems by people mostly not known as poets is worth the price of admission by itself!

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