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Need a concise bio for your website, or a speech for you next engagement?

Thinking of doing a manual for your company but don't know how or don't have the time?

What about that memoir you want to write but can't get started?

Have you started a project and can't get it finished?

I can help guide your story, written in your own unique voice.

Cost will depend on genre, length of the manuscript, time frame, and complexity.

Confidentiality of the project is guaranteed and everything written is subject to your review and approval. 

The Process:

  • After you select the type of project you want to pursue, we will have a consultation to gather preliminary information

  • I will give you a price quote

  • We will sign a standard contract, which will include time frames and payment terms

  • I will gather required materials/information by phone, e-mail or in-person interviews

  • I will send a completed draft to you for review within the stipulated time frame

  • You will return draft to me with comments for additions/deletions

  • I will make those adjustments and return to you for final approval

  • Your approval will complete our process

  • I will send completed manuscript via email, or regular mail

Furthermore, I will recommend an editor/proofreader to polish the manuscript

I will help you find a publisher for your manuscript, but it ultimately will fall on you.

To request ghostwriting services or further information about rates and availability, please email me at

Access my ghostwriting or other freelance services today!



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